The courses will be taught according to the curriculum determined in the Department of Air Frame and Power-plant Maintenance. The main aim of the program is to train qualified staff with a strong focus on providing airframe and power-plant maintenance with maximum safety. Throughout the years. The significance of aviation safety is drastically increasing among all of the international aviation organizations. One of the cornerstones of flight safety is that the maintenance of aircraft is carried out in accordance with the procedures established by the international aviation authorities in the world. Our aim is to prepare our students in the best way in accordance with these criteria. In addition to this, it is to educate the personnel equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the aviation industry. Especially in recent years, the growth of Turkish airline companies has accelerated the need for extending existing airports and building new airports. Therefore, the need for qualified staff in this field is increasing day by day.

Graduates can work as an aircraft maintenance technician in the line maintenance, hangar maintenance, and manufacturing establishments.